Allison Cameron is a composer of chamber works that have been performed throughout Europe and North America; she is also an experimental performer and installation artist.


She co-founded the Drystone Orchestra in 1989 and founded the Arcana Ensemble in 1992, both dedicated to the performance of experimental music in Toronto. During 2000-2005, she was the artistic director of the Arraymusic ensemble where she created the Scratch! Festival for experimental music. Her chamber music has been released on XI records, CRI, Spool, Donemus, Hevhetia, Musicworks and Rat-Drifting.


Allison is also a member of the Association of Improvising Musicians of Toronto (AIMT) and since 2000 has been improvising with small, amplified objects in collaboration with many of Toronto’s finest musicians and internationally respected performers. In 2007, Allison was awarded a prestigious Chalmers Arts Fellowship to explore compositional methods and indeterminate notations used in art rock, jazz, free-improv, contemporary and folk musics. Since that time she has formed the group known as The Allison Cameron Band (with Eric Chenaux and Stephen Parkinson). In 2010 their first CD was released on the Rat-Drifting label.

Current projects include: a CD recording of the trio c_RL with Germaine Liu (percussion) and Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), along with performances at the Tone Deaf Festival in Kingston, Ontario, The 416 Festival, The Cameron House and Somewhere There in Toronto; a digital release of a new piece Mach Shorn for the Allison Cameron Band recorded and mixed by Sandro Perri; solo performances at The Stone in New York City and Somewhere There in Toronto; a new sound installation commissioned by the Electric Eclectics Festival; and, a multi-disciplinary residency with the Arctic Circle.org in Svalbard ten degrees from the North Pole.


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