Piano solo at Pyramiden


Dressed in a black top hat with a black boa and in a shimmering black dress, Marlene Ondrea Nichols steps into the music room. Broken balalaikas, a depleted drum kit and dissected accordion. The only thing in tact is the untended half working piano…the sounds of caput mortuum and feldgrau fill the air.

Music performance ©allison cameron, 2013.
Video: Marlene Nichols.

on Tour April 2012



I’m not entirely sure who made this video but it likely was made by Eric Hill. Looks like he placed his camera at the back of the performance space to capture his visual component to our performance. All images are Eric’s I believe. A live improvised music gig courtesy of the Surgery Series, the Circuit and The Canada Council for the Arts National Music Touring. Thanks guys!!


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CD review in Exclaim for:

Bent Spoon Duo

With and Without Allison Cameron

Reviews > Improv & Avant-Garde > Aug 09 2013

Bent Spoon Duo - With and Without Allison Cameron

By Bryon Hayes

The Allison Cameron Band are a trio that feature the eponymous composer/multi-instrumentalist teamed-up with Eric Chenaux and Stephen Parkinson. Their gorgeous album for the Rat Drifting imprint is steeped in folk forms and is a delight for the ears to behold. While on a cross-Canada tour, Cameron met up with the Bent Spoon Duo (Chris Dadge and Scott Munro) in Calgary at a Bug Incision showcase, and it was quickly decided that her surreal banjo/kalimba playing would fit nicely within the pair’s modus operandi (which, apparently, is to sound as disorienting as possible). Together, the trio concoct a shambling near-cacophony that slowly builds in density. Their single, extended improvisation eschews the concept of “people playing instruments” in favour of an approach that evokes a grotesque form of kinetic sculpture. When left to their own devices, Dadge and Munro are a trifle more relaxed, yet Cameron’s spirit somehow continues to haunt their ultra-obtuse brand of free-improv. Bent Spoon Trio, anyone?
(Bug Incision)

BentSpoon Duo ~ With and without Allison Cameron

Bent Spoon Duo
With & Without Allison Cameron
bim-59, winter 2013

Chris Dadge: trumpet, violin, sk-1, sk-5, amplified percussion, dreadneck
Scott Munro: viola, sk-1, electronics, vocals, zither, Dr. Sample
Allison Cameron: banjo, kalimba, contact mic, fuzz factory, Korg mini ribbon synth

Allison Cameron first came to our attention via her killer Rat-Drifting album, The Allison Cameron Band, with Eric Chenaux and Stephen Parkinson. Its weird, warped string action was right up our alley. Next, she was booking a Canadian tour, and we were more than happy to present her music at the Bug Incision concert series. Chris Dadge and Scott Munro (aka the Bent Spoon Duo) played before her solo set, and they all played together after her solo set. Turns out her amplified & mangled banjo and kalimba meshed quite nicely with Dadge & Munro’s table of stringed things, samplers, and assorted detritus. The basic Bent Spoon Duo methodology is two-fold: a) sound as confusing/disorienting/mysterious as possible, while b) overlapping freely into each others’ timbral regions. Well, Cameron does a pretty good job of part a) on her own, so she jumped right in there. Comes out all sounding like nothing else in particular, except maybe a bit like they caught a whiff of the same breeze that’s blown past the UK’s Hunter Gracchus/Chora camp. Dense, strange, and rowdy. – Notes by Benoit Hughes

edition of 78 copies, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves: